I’m a slightly-weird, passionate, engaging, motivating speaker on topics from photography, creativity, & art, through to podcasting, business, money, and anything in between.

“Jason has the ability to educate, entertain and inspire, which means he ticks all the boxes required to keep an audience involved. He has the ability to move seamlessly between talking candidly about topics to technical details and then back again, ensuring that the audience doesn’t lose contact with his message, which is always underpinned by his quirky creative thought process.
I would highly recommend Jason as a keynote speaker in the visual communication industry.”

~ Mike Langford

I’ve spoken (honestly and frankly) in front of rooms of 12 people, and (embarrassed myself in front of) auditoriums of 200+.

I’ve spoken to secondary school children (they love my Taylor Swift references), and my peers with 20+ years more experience than me (whom I still look up to for experience).

Previous & upcoming speaking engagements:

2015 / May: PSNZ Central Salon Conference
2015 / August: NZIPP Infocus: Preparing for Serendipity
2016 / October: PSNZ monthly meeting
2017 / May: Untitled Creative Futures
2017 / September: personal workshop: The Business of Creativity
2017 / October: NZIPP The Summit workshop
2018 / August: SPARK Festival